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Warm Heart Bohemian is a furnishings and accessories company offering stylish, specialty and often one-of-a-kind items from across the globe. They work directly with local craftsmen and vendors in developing countries to ensure that each item is procured fairly, ethically and sustainably. A percentage of every item sold is donated to the community from where it originated.

The brand exists to uplift everyone it touches with warmth and beauty. Find something beautiful for your home, and make a difference in the world!>


Define a unique brand voice with compelling imagery.

Develop an e-commerce website to launch the brand.

Express the founders’ vision for a unique social enterprise offering bespoke products.


WHB has a particular stance on the future of globally inspired furnishing - that their bespoke nature will save communities and introduce beauty and sustainability in the world. This philosophy - which switches the attention from the mass market production and onto the passion of the artisan - informed our Bravely Branded Strategy & Design.

We designed a brand platform that would elevate the company from a start-up to an established luxury brand. The founders named their company after Malawi, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, also known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”.

In extensive interviews, we found that the core brand message was focused as much on style as it was centered around the simple premise that each member of our world community
has the same wish to be happy, successful and recognized.


We designed a mark that is both indigenous and multifaceted to reflect the rich aesthetics of the furniture itself. It provides just enough dose of bohemian flavor to stand out in a market filled with excess. The full system of brand applications included labels, hangtags, stationery, and a website.

The brand comes to life on the website where evocative photography transports the viewer to a home setting full of beauty, craftsmanship and warmth.