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To Your Health Nutrition rebalances chronic disease through personalized nutrition. Certified Fort Collins Nutritionist, Kathy Westover, helps women feel fit and fabulous by offering Nutrition Therapy, Functional Diet Analysis, and Detox Program.

Real Food, Real Body, Real Energy


Create a unique identity that communicates the founder’s vision and character.

Launch a new website, increase visits and site traffic.

Develop a tagline.


Brand Bravery is about laying something you value on the line for something you value even more. For Kathy Westover was her personal story of transitioning from owning a bookstore, caring for her ailing husband, to being a nutrition specialist where she could help women thrive. She's known for saying “I am living proof that you can go through hell and come out smelling like a rose”. Her brand is brave substantively and formally. She already had the back story to support her valiance, we just had to demonstrate it visually and communicate it verbally. Her brand ended up being an elegant extension of who she is and who she serves - an intrepid woman of intelligence, character, and grit.


Since Kathy’s life was a paragon of authenticity and grit itself, all we had to do is mirror it in her company’s new identity. We capitalized on the idea of real food been the foundation for a true identity and health. The new tagline “Real Food, Real Body, Real Energy” became the master brand model for the new logo and website’s aesthetics and messaging.


The new website facilitated a large increase in new prospects and it almost doubled the size of Kathy's existing clientele in the first four months. Service categories are expanding to include online courses and clients have grown internationally.