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SELFHealth Matters provides Tools for Young Adults & Families that empower YOU to take on life with happiness, responsibility and the freedom to be YOU!

“I am here to train and empower future leaders at the deepest levels of SELF…Emotional Strength & Resilience are far better predictors of SUCCESS than education and grades!”
~ Elizabeth Kalb


Envision a name that builds a movement.

Amplify competitive advantage.

Foster learning and fuel bravery.


Throughout the course of her career founder Elizabeth Kalb has embraced the understanding that the earlier emotional resilience is taught to humans, the better. Now, instead of coaching corporate executives, she focuses on teaching self-awareness to young adults and creating a movement around it. We named the company “SELF Health Matters” which amplifies the opportunity of turning it into a movement and a podcast initiative later on. We captured a big idea in a short phrase.

We wrapped the communication strategy around the three most evident pathways of success & happiness - emotional resilience, integrity & compassion. Narrowing the message to this verbal trinity organized the brand into a smart system which sends a strong signal to young adults about the laser focus of SELF Health Matters.


Taking inspiration from Elizabeth's view on the interconnection and cyclical nature of thoughts and emotions, we focused on the iconic elements of the tree to design the logo. Narrowing the focus and creating smart systems - from aesthetics to messaging, to the sale processes - helps SELF Health Matters vision for future growth.


The site is consistently generating positive reviews and prospective clients. Launch of an online webinar is scheduled for this year.