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Priority Coaching focuses on visible results and authenticity for leaders and their teams. Founder Sharon Dougherty works with CEOs and senior executives in leveraging their strengths to build their leadership effectiveness and business savvy. As a thought partner, Sharon helps her clients unravel leadership quandaries and expand the number of possibilities available for solving problems and creating business strategies.

We inspire you to be the exceptional leader you are meant to be.


Revitalize the company’s visual identity and brand voice.

Design a bold, contemporary system.

Increase recognition and attract new clients.

Build a web presence to support the positioning goals within the start-up industry.


Part of Brave Branding is narrowing the focus to the point of expressing a few big ideas (or one idea) in ONE sentence. The big idea for Priority Coaching became Authenticity, New Possibilities and Visible Results. This transportable tagline was simple enough and yet carried enough substance to allow for future developments. It also creates an emotional connection with the client, whether they are a CEO or an employee.


Although some of Priority Coaching brand assets were previously established, we made improvements to increase their efficiency across all media. We identified building an integrated brand identity system as a task number one. Individual workshop materials will continue to have their own identities, used in playbooks and presentations, but they all fit in the flexible brand system.


The clean and contemporary visual style has accelerated Sharon Dougherty's recognition and positioning with the start-up industry. Priority Coaching is expanding its workshop expertise internationally and is crafting a unique brand experience.