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Maverick Group is a collaboration of wisdom, energy and expertise.
Mavericks are passionate about what they do, both while on the job and in their free time. Understanding and serving our clients is what we do. Creating an enjoyable experience is what we love.

Maverick Group is a collaboration of real estate agents bringing innovation, energy and experience to the Santa Cruz real estate market. We’re passionate about what we do and bring a high level of integrity and dedication to every relationship, negotiation and transaction.

We are Mavericks because in Real Estate, average is just not good enough.


Rebrand the website to elevate the company to an established expert in the field.

Renew customer understanding.

Stand out and raise the bar.


The challenge was to create a brand voice bold but harmonizing enough for all three members of the Maverick team. They all bring different expertise to the table so building consensus was paramount. We agreed that the sentence "We are Mavericks because in real estate Average isn't good enough" captured the collective brand essence and built synergy within the team. It was the kind of brave language that engaged our strategic imagination and drove creativity with the design.


We capitalized on the already existing logo but launched a new branded photography initiative which will support a unified image for the brand. The fresh photos introduced a range of color that is not only visually exciting, but it represents the diversity, energy, and passion of the team. The vibrancy of their messaging is reflected in the short positioning statements and calls to action throughout the website.


The new website leverages the team's expertise and communicates their collective brand value. It has been embraced by the team as a symbol of pride and positions them as a leader in the real estate marketplace.