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The Congregational Church of Soquel has been a village landmark for nearly a century and a half. The New England-style structure, with its soaring steeple, has been the church home for generations of people since it was organized in 1868. Located at the center of Santa Cruz County, they are called upon as a church to practice an active Christianity, characterized by compassion, justice, and a sense of responsibility.

Open Hearts, Compassionate Hands!


Design a comprehensive program.

Raise awareness of the benefits of community.

Create a sense of pride and belonging.

Design an emotional logo symbol that connects with the tagline.


When it comes to exploring Brand bravery The Congregational Church of Soquel epitomizes every aspect of it - essentialism in visuals, a strong stance reflected in their messaging, and vitality of character reflected in EVERY single touch point! We helped them connect their message, shaped by the simplicity and power of love, to the younger church members. The fresh brand materials facilitated a more effortless interaction with the brand for the newest and youngest members of the community.


We designed a mark that is tangible and appeals to the senses. The hands and hearts represented in the logo differentiate the church by connecting it with their tagline. The challenge was to design a graphically powerful symbol that captures the spirit of love and compassion without it being cliche. The layered feel of the hearts and hands and its allusion to an acorn transcends the idea of communal support and expresses the heritage and legacy of a rich and meaningful past that dates back to 1868.


The new identity has made the brand relevant to the young generation and reconnected it with families with kids.

The design strategy reflects the reason for the church's existence which now expands its message across various communication channels - from print to social media to event planning and web presence.