Marketing for Authorpreneurs & Thought Leaders When Budgets are Down

You might think that the concussion this economy suffered from being tackled by the Feds was murderous and mean.
Nonetheless, small businesses are toughing it out like Roman gladiators with intractable anti-recession helmets. Do you have one of those?

Fortune magazine calls it the “COVID suit of armor”:

“Small businesses are like: ‘Hell, if I can make it through COVID, where the government actually forced me to shut down, I can make it through anything,’” 

Yep. Small business owners are warriors.

I often see clients wearing two kinds of anti-recession helmets:

  1. Helmets with a sticker that says “Deliver more marketing with less dollars”
  2. Helmets with a sticker that says “NO marketing ever again!”

And I get it. In the inflation arena, where every dollar counts, you’re battling it out.

But squeezing more with less is easier said than done, and quite frankly, with less you alway get less!!

Cutting out all marketing isn’t a grand plan either. During a recession you’re not the only one who needs that fearful strength called bravery; Your clients are out there seeking a connection; they are out there needing your service and advice more than ever. 

Needless to say I love my gladiator armor as much as you and my helmet has all kinds of obscene stickers on it.

But there is a better way that includes less armor.

The better way is to enter the arena with the grotesquely calm attitude of someone who has a…wait for it…a BRAVE BRAND!

The only way your marketing will get you anywhere with a smaller budget is if you have a solid brand already. 

If your brand is not solidified all these dollars will be spent in vain. Picture your message falling on deaf ears, your voice lacking memorability, and your clients undervaluing your worth—all while draining your kids’ college fund. Ay!

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you could maintain your sense of identity while spreading energetic sanity through your powerful brand? While others toss spaghetti at the wall and pray for sales, imagine confidently charging forward armed not with a helmet, but with a foolproof roadmap that showcases your distinctive big idea, giving you a competitive advantage that clients make choices. Stay on message, speak with a distinctive voice, be memorable, and center yourself on your ideal client. Now that’s the way to tough it out!
All of the above sounds nice, but Fani, when you have a limited budget branding is a posh idea. 

If you want to get going on building a solid brand from the core out, here are my suggestions:

  1. Refresh your mind that you stand for something (bid idea, a strategic position, defined set of values, voice that stands apart) 
  2. Let this big idea be your clarion cry
  3. Share your big idea. Ideas are like a campfire that draws the clients who love your personal flavor of audacity and would eagerly pay for it.

If you want my help answering those questions, just raise your hand here, and I will get you on a free discovery call asap (helmets down, just an easy breezy coffee date!)


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